Tiernan Brooks and Lucien Mahovo visit Premier League Kicks Session for EFL Community Weekends

As part of the EFL Community Weekends initiative, Notts County players Tiernan Brooks and Lucien Mahovo recently paid a special visit to Notts County Foundation’s Premier League Kicks session at Southglade Leisure Centre. The duo shared their passion for the sport and engaged with the local community, leaving a lasting impact on the participants.


  • The two players engaged in Football and Basketball activities
  • Children got selfies and autographs
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Brooks showing off his best saves to the young participants!


The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement at Southglade Leisure Centre as Tiernan Brooks and Lucien Mahovo joined the Notts County Foundation’s Premier League Kicks session. The players received a warm welcome from the children, who were eager to interact with their footballing heroes.

Notts County Foundation’s Deputy Sport and Inclusion Manager, Jade Shuriah, expressed her delight at the players’ enthusiastic involvement during the event. She highlighted how Brooks and Mahovo actively participated in the activities, inspiring the young participants to pursue their love for football.

“Tiernan Brooks and Lucien Mahovo brought a tremendous amount of enthusiasm to the Premier League Kicks session. Their willingness to engage with the children, share their experiences, and showcase their skills had a positive impact on everyone involved. It’s great to see professional players actively contributing to the local community and inspiring the next generation of football enthusiasts,” said Jade Shuriah.


Mahovo and Brooks listen to the young people’s questions.


The visit proved to be more than just a photo opportunity, as Tiernan Brooks and Lucien Mahovo took the time to interact with each child individually. From sharing tips on improving their football skills to answering questions about their own journeys in the sport, the players made a genuine connection with the participants.

For Tiernan Brooks and Lucien Mahovo, the opportunity to give back to the community holds special significance. Speaking about their experience, Brooks shared, “It’s always a pleasure to be part of initiatives with Notts County Foundation. Seeing the joy on the faces of these young football enthusiasts is truly rewarding, and we hope our visit has left a positive impact on their lives.”

The visit by Tiernan Brooks and Lucien Mahovo to Notts County Foundation’s Premier League Kicks session at Southglade Leisure Centre for EFL Community Weekends was a memorable and inspiring event. Their genuine enthusiasm, coupled with the warm reception from the children, made it a day to remember for everyone involved. As football continues to play a vital role in community development, initiatives like these underscore the positive impact players can have beyond the pitch.

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