Statement: Price increases at The Portland Centre



Notts County Foundation, the community-focused organisation dedicated to enhancing lives through sports and wellbeing, regrets to inform its valued members and the public about an upcoming price increase at The Portland Centre, its community leisure hub. Starting from 1st February 2024, there will be adjustments to membership fees to sustain the facility’s operations and ensure its continued service to the community.



  • Corporate Gym or Swim: Increasing to £11.50
  • Corporate Gym and Swim: Increasing to £17.00


  • Swim or Gym: Increasing to £16.50
  • Swim and Gym: Increasing to £22.00


The full pricing structure can be viewed here.


Despite our unwavering commitment to providing affordable and accessible recreational services, the rising costs associated with facility maintenance, staff wages, and other essential resources have compelled us to take necessary action.

“We understand that any price increase may be unwelcome news for our members, and we truly appreciate the support we have received from our community so far since taking over The Portland Centre in 2014,” said Sam Crawford, Chief Financial Officer at Notts County Foundation. “It is with a heavy heart that we find it imperative to adjust our pricing structure to meet the growing demands of maintaining a high-quality leisure facility that caters to the diverse needs of our community.”

The new pricing structure, effective February 1, 2024, will ensure that The Portland Centre can continue to provide an exceptional and inclusive experience for all members. The adjustments in fees are a strategic response to the economic challenges faced by the facility, while maintaining a commitment to offering a range of programmes and services that promote health, wellness, and community engagement.

Members are encouraged to reach out to The Portland Centre’s staff for any inquiries or clarification regarding the new pricing. The Foundation remains dedicated to working closely with the community and appreciates the ongoing support in ensuring the long-term sustainability of this vital community resource.

For all price changes: The change will happen automatically through your monthly Direct Debit. Please review the membership terms and conditions, they have information should you wish to cancel or freeze your membership. You can contact us at

Notts County Foundation expresses gratitude for the understanding and cooperation of its members during this transitional period. The commitment to fostering community wellbeing remains at the forefront of The Portland Centre’s mission, and the Foundation looks forward to continuing its positive impact on the lives of those it serves.

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