Laura Cameron announced as Captain’s Corner winner for May

Notts County Foundation is delighted to announce Laura Cameron as the recipient of the Captain’s Corner Award for May. Laura has been honoured for her remarkable contribution to the reintroduction of the Disabled Supporters Association (DSA) at Notts County Football Club, a milestone achievement that exemplifies her commitment to inclusivity and community engagement.

Laura’s work with the DSA has been transformative, laying the groundwork for a series of future initiatives aimed at enhancing the matchday experience for disabled supporters. Her efforts are revolutionising the way disabled fans can enjoy the game, ensuring that Notts County remains an inclusive and welcoming environment for all. The establishment of the new DSA is a testament to Laura’s dedication and vision. Her passion for creating an inclusive community has driven the project forward, bringing together supporters, club staff, and volunteers. Through her work, the DSA is set to become a pivotal part of the club’s fabric, providing a voice and support network for disabled fans.

Notts County Ticketing Manager and Disability Liaison Officer, Georgi Rusev, expressed his admiration for Laura’s contributions: “We are incredibly proud of Laura and the work she has done with the Disabled Supporters Association. Her commitment to making Notts County a more inclusive club is truly inspiring. Laura’s initiatives have already made a substantial difference, and we are excited to see how the DSA will continue to grow and support our community.”

Laura’s initiatives are not just about compliance with accessibility standards; they are about fostering a community where every supporter feels valued and included. Her work ensures that disabled fans have the opportunity to enjoy the full matchday experience, from arriving at the stadium to cheering for the team from the stands. Her efforts have already seen a significant impact, with numerous disabled supporters expressing their gratitude for the changes. Laura’s dedication ensures that Meadow Lane is a place where everyone can share in the excitement and passion of football, regardless of their abilities.

Jade Shuriah, Sport and Inclusion Manager at Notts County Foundation, also shared her thoughts: “Giving this award to Laura is a moment of great pride for us at the Foundation. Her dedication to inclusivity and her proactive approach in addressing the needs of disabled supporters embody the values we stand for. Laura’s work is not just about improving facilities; it’s about creating a sense of belonging and community for all our fans.”

The DSA is already planning future projects, to set a new standard for inclusivity at Notts County. This will improve the matchday experience for disabled supporters but is also fostering a culture of acceptance and community within the club.

Her work exemplifies the spirit of the Captain’s Corner Award, highlighting individuals who make significant contributions to our community. As we honour Laura, we also look forward to the continued growth and success of the Disabled Supporters Association with her. Her, and the wider DSA’s dedication to inclusivity and unwavering commitment to improving the lives of disabled supporters make her a deserving winner of the Captain’s Corner Award for May.

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