Melvyn Watson named Captain’s Corner winner for April

Melvyn Watson, a bonified County legend, has been honoured by Notts County Foundation with April’s Captain’s Corner award for his tireless work with the Notts County community.

Two club legends. One photograph.

For countless years, Melvyn has been the driving force behind the organisation of away travel for Notts County fans. With meticulous punctuality and a heart brimming with enthusiasm, he ensures that fellow supporters could traverse the length and breadth of the country to cheer on their beloved Magpies. But Melvyn doesn’t stop at logistics; he understands the importance of camaraderie and connection during those long journeys. The quiz he introduced, a delightful distraction that not only entertained but also fostered a sense of unity among the fans onboard, turns mundane trips into memorable adventures.

Week in and week out, Melvyn’s steadfast presence in the stands offers a beacon of unwavering support for the players. In good times and bad, Melvyn remained a pillar of strength, embodying the true essence of loyalty and dedication.

“Nearly a decade ago, when I first began attending away fixtures with Notts County as a fan, Melvyn was already there, organising the logistics with precision and here we are today, years later and he’s still at it, showing unwavering support and unparalleled longevity. Melvyn’s dedication epitomises the essence of Notts County as a family club, and one where loyalty is valued greatly. It’s with immense pride that we present Melvyn with this well-deserved award, honouring his remarkable contributions to our beloved community.” – Harry Dalzell, Notts County Foundation Marketing and Events Coordinator


Melvyn at one of many away trips with the Pies!

Melvyn’s journey with Notts County traces back to a momentous occasion etched in the chronicles of Meadow Lane’s history. His first-ever match was the FA Cup sixth-round clash against York City in 1955, witnessed by a record attendance of 47,310. From that day forward, Melvyn’s allegiance was sealed, an unbreakable bond forged of passion and devotion.

Through the years, Melvyn has remained a guardian of Notts County’s legacy, a custodian of its traditions and values. His unwavering commitment to the club and its community exemplifies the profound impact of football beyond the confines of the pitch, a true reflection of the values of Notts County Foundation.

“Melvyn’s unwavering support on away matchdays is truly remarkable and does not go unnoticed. He is a vital piece of the puzzle in ensuring Notts County consistently boasts amazing numbers of traveling fans. His dedication and passion shines through, inspiring others to follow suit and stand by our beloved club, no matter the journey.” – Charlie Roach, Notts County Fan Engagement Assistant

Yet, behind Melvyn’s constant devotion lies a poignant story of personal loss and resilience. The passing of his beloved wife Christine in 2022 left a void that seemed insurmountable. In the midst of his grief, Notts County emerged as more than just a football club; it became a sanctuary, a place where Melvyn could find solace amidst friends who shared his passion. Surrounded by people who cared, he found a sense of belonging and purpose, allowing the roar of the crowd to lift him up in the dark days.

As Melvyn stands adorned with the Captain’s Corner Award, alongside club legend Les Bradd, his journey serves as a poignant reminder of the transformative power football and community.

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