FIT Magpies

What is the FIT Magpies project about?

FIT Magpies is a free 12-week project open to men and women aged 35 – 65, who want to improve their health, wellbeing, and physical activity levels.

If you are in this age bracket and have a BMI of 28+ or have a waist measurement of 37+ inches (men) or 31+ inches (women), then FIT Magpies is for you.

What difference does it make to participants?

FIT Magpies is proven to help adults achieve significant long-term improvements in weight loss, physical activity, diet, and psychological wellbeing. Participants will take part in a 45-minute group exercise session and a 45-minute classroom lesson each week. The group exercise will vary each week and may include cardio exercise, circuit training, and walking football. The classroom lessons are fun, interactive, and come with a free workbook for each fan. All participants receive a free FIT Magpies t-shirt, too!

How to access FIT Magpies:

For more information, please contact our Health Manager Josh Stevenson at or sign up here.

A word from our participants:

“FIT Magpies has increased my energy levels. I now go for some form of exercise daily, even when working from home I prioritise going for a walk at lunchtime or after work. I walk more rather than get in the car.”

“The course leaders at Notts County Foundation supported us throughout, got involved with us, shared some great examples every week of how we could improve, and facilitated some really good discussion amongst the group.”

“FIT Magpies is much more than just a weight loss programme, it’s about providing you with the tools to improve your life, become healthier, exercise more, increase motivation, and improve mental health.”

“The FIT Magpies programme, the coaches, and this football club have had a huge impact on my life. It was delivered with a smile and patience and kindness. It has given me a renewed interest in football – both watching and now playing, and has made me healthier and happier.”

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