Foundation Friends – Sponsored by Trent Navigation

What is the Foundation Friends project about?

Occurring every Saturday morning from 10AM – 12PM at The Portland Centre, it is a multi-sport wellbeing session for people of all abilities. The session is aimed at people wanting to get active and make friends and gives the participants a place to continue their wellbeing journey. The session consists of a variety of sports, including Badminton and Table Tennis. The sessions also have access to The Portland Centre’s fitness suites, as well as a social aspect where members can have a hot refreshment and conversation with other members. The sessions are run on a pay as you go basis, so there is no sign-up fee or long-standing payment requirement.

The weekly price to join is £2.50 for Under 16’s and £4 for adults.

Participants also get a Foundation Friends loyalty card, which after 9 paid sessions, they get the 10th free! This loyalty card can be able to be used at the sponsor venue Trent Navigation to get a discount on food and drink, too!

What difference does Foundation Friends make?

Foundation Friends gives people the opportunity to keep fit, while developing a strong social connection while on their wellbeing journey. The physical activity involved is a wide range of exercises that are sure to work the whole body!

How do I access Foundation Friends?

If you would like to speak to a member of our team, please contact our Health Manager Josh Stevenson at

A word from our sponsor:

“Trent Navigation in is proud to be working with the Notts County Foundation. Social venues play a vital role in promoting wellbeing and social cohesion by providing a safe and welcoming space for all individuals to connect with others, engage in meaningful conversations, and participate in community events. They also offer a sense of belonging and community spirit, which can help to reduce social isolation and promote mental and emotional wellbeing and we are excited to welcome members of Foundation Friends!” – Ashley Dilks, Group Marketing Manager at Great Northern Groups (Operators of Trent Navigation)

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