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What is the EFL Trust Move and Learn project about?

Ferrero UK’s corporate social responsibility project, the Joy of moving programme, which has been developed and delivered through a partnership with EFL Trust for over seven years, is based on methodology which is designed to inspire children to move though play and captures the fun approach, which we know is key. The methodology was established by independent experts, including Foro Italico (Rome University) and the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) and focuses on developing key skills in four major areas:

  • Physical fitness
  • Motor coordination
  • Cognitive functions & creativity
  • Life skills

The Joy of moving programme is delivered within schools and consists of two elements; the Move & Learn project and Joy of moving Festivals.

The programme has moved over 400,000 children providing them with over 2,000,000 additional hours of learning and activity.

Move & Learn

Move & Learn is targeted at children aged 9 and 10 – a key milestone in a child’s development – and is designed to appeal to every child through a fun and engaging approach. Consisting of 9 hours of education over six weeks, plus a series of home-based family challenges, children learn about the importance of physical activity and how to eat a balanced diet and lead an active lifestyle. We also work hard to support and encourage schools to adopt the ideas and approach in the longer term.

We are seeing the results from taking this approach. Children respond with huge positivity, telling us that they have a better understanding of why it’s important to be active and to eat a balanced and varied diet. They are also more motivated to stay active. In fact, our latest evaluation of the programme has shown that 94% of children felt that the six weeks had given them new ideas to get active.

Joy of moving Festivals

Alongside Move & Learn, we run the Joy of moving Festivals that involve the full school during the summer term. These half or full day events are a celebration of being active. Children take part in a range of fun challenges and games during the day.

Joy of moving Resource hub

Having to adapt to the pandemic, an online resource, the Joy of moving Resource Hub, was made available to parents to keep their children active. The resource hub features several fun activities that can be played in the house or in the garden. Check out the games for inspiration on how to get your family moving through play!

How to access Move and Learn:

Primary schools and academies can access the six week programme free of charge. Each week, participants will receive 1.5 hours of delivery from two qualified Notts County Foundation coaches.

For more information, please contact our Sport and Inclusion team at

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