Notts County Foundation and blOKes Launch #MinutesForMates Campaign

We are delighted to announce that we have teamed up with men’s mental health CIC blOKes to launch the #MinutesForMates campaign to prompt men to check in with friends, family and colleagues.

#MinutesForMates aims to encourage men to use the 15-minute half time break during the remaining EURO 2020 matches to either call or text friends, family members and colleagues in the hope of gaining a better understanding as to how they are really feeling.

Sam Crawford, Head of Business Development at Notts County Foundation, said: “We all have a responsibility to encourage those around us to be more honest and open when talking about how they are feeling. Sadly, it’s no secret that suicide is the biggest cause of death for men under the age of 45, so reiterating the message that it’s not weak or unmanly for men to speak about their mental health is indescribably important.

“At Notts County Foundation, we provide several programmes that are tailored towards improving participants’ mental wellbeing and aim to support our local communities as best as possible with a range of fun, inclusive and life-changing initiatives. We are proud to be working with blOKes to launch the #MinutesForMates campaign and hope that it helps men everywhere to have more honest and open conversations about their thoughts and feelings.”

Tom Home, Founder of blOKes, said: “Approximately 12 men take their own life in the UK every day, and during the 30 days that EURO 2020 will have run throughout (11.06.21-11.07.21), a devastating 360 men in total will have lost their lives to suicide.

#MinutesForMates initiative is designed to help more men start important conversations surrounding mental health with those around them. Making the effort to text or call someone takes no time at all, so utilising the 15-minute interval between halves is the ideal opportunity to check in with friends, family and colleagues to make sure they are okay.”

blOKes is a safe, supportive and non-judgemental platform for men (16+) to open up about their thoughts and feelings, connect with others and tell a #MaleTale. Via the website’s online forum, men can create a free blOKes account and share stories, guidance and advice based on their own lived experiences with mental health, in the hope of challenging the stigma that often prevents men from ever reaching out and asking for help.

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