LGBT+ History Month Q&A – Emma Trent

Notts County Foundation spoke to Emma Trent, Head of Programmes, to discuss the importance of LGBT+ History Month and how we can all support the LGBTQ+ community.

Why do you think it’s valuable for people to learn about LGBT+ history?

“To have an appreciation of the journey and history of the LGBT+ community gives a good understanding of the challenges the community have faced, how they have managed to work together to overcome them, and how there is still work to be done to reach true equality within certain cultures and societies.”

Are there any positive changes within social justice in the last decade that are significant to you?

“The changes to the laws surrounding same sex marriages. Myself and my partner had our civil partnership before same sex marriages were made legal. We are planning to ‘convert’ our civil partnership to a marriage as soon as we can. The LGBTQ+ community and allies fought hard to be recognised as equals to heterosexual couples, proving that changes can happen, and it feels as though progress is being made all the time. There are specific countries and cultures where the fight continues and we must support the LGBTQ+ community in these areas as much as we can by raising awareness and standing up for what we believe is right.”

Do you know of any specific organisations or charities that work to support the LGBT+ community? If so, who are they?


How do you think the sports and football industry could grow further regarding inclusion and representation?

“Roles models, influencers, stakeholders, and spokespeople need to have representation from the LGBTQ+ community, from either people within the community or allies. Considering the reach that some people within the sport have, it would make a real difference to see them openly supportive of the community.

“When recruiting for roles within the sport and football industry, it must be made clear to potential applicants that diversity is encouraged and that no prejudices will be made based on sexuality or gender identity.”

How can Notts County Foundation encourage more initiatives with the LGBT+ community?

“We need to be more proactive in reaching out to the community to find out what they want and what we can offer them, while recognising that we need to assess our current skillset and highlight areas for improvement without judgement.”

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