Learning to play FIFA: A heart-warming story of Inclusion at HAF

This journey into the world of gaming unfolded at the ‘Holiday Activities and Food’ Programme, thanks to the inclusive and nurturing environment fostered by Notts County Foundation. This is the story of how a child who had never played FIFA, called Atif, was taught to play by their fellow participants, demonstrating the power of inclusion and the impact it can have on young lives.


  • HAF participant is taught how to play FIFA by other children
  • Young people coming together to teach each other
  • Breaking down barriers of entry into sport


Very on brand clothing! Atif getting to grips with FIFA.


Video games have become a key part of growing up in today’s digital world. But for Atif at our HAF programme this summer, this was their first opportunity to play the popular Football game, FIFA. In a world where gaming is a popular pastime for kids, this could potentially make a child feel left out. However, in a touching act, the other HAF participants taught the young person how to play the game.

The ‘Holiday Activities and Food’ Programme is an initiative by Notts County Foundation that aims to provide children with enriching experiences during school holidays. It offers a safe and inclusive environment where children can participate in various activities, receive nutritious meals, and make new friends. In this setting, children from different backgrounds come together to learn, play, and grow. It is within this diverse and inclusive atmosphere that the heart-warming story of a child learning to play FIFA unfolded.


Other children on our HAF programme creating loom band bracelets and playing UNO!


Sarah McCamphill, Sport and Inclusion Manager at Notts County Foundation, explains, “Our aim has always been to create an inclusive space where every child feels valued and has the chance to participate, regardless of their background or experience. This act wasn’t something that was directed by our team, as it just occurred organically within the group. It’s great to see the participants working together to create a memorable moment.”

Atif’s journey began when they expressed curiosity about a group of children huddled around a gaming console, engrossed in a game of FIFA. With the enthusiasm and camaraderie that defines the HAF Programme, the other children eagerly welcomed their new friend into the game.

Atif shared his thoughts on the experience: “Playing FIFA was the best part of my time at HAF. I loved playing with Manchester City who are my favourite team. I can’t wait for Notts County to be on the game next year!”


Atif’s first time asking if he can have a go on FIFA.


This moment has shown that the act of welcoming someone into a shared interest can be a powerful force for good, fostering connections and breaking down barriers of entry into sport. The story of how Atif on the ‘Holiday Activities and Food’ Programme at Notts County Foundation learned to play FIFA is a heart-warming testament to the inclusive spirit of the program.

As we celebrate stories like these, we are reminded that the true magic of inclusion lies in the connections we build, the lessons we learn, and the shared experiences that enrich our lives. This child’s journey into the world of gaming serves as a powerful reminder that, together, we can use the power of sport to change lives for the better.

For more information on our HAF programmes, contact sarah.mccamphill@nottscountyfoundation.org.uk

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