Show Racism the Red Card: Notts County Foundation Empowers Local Youth

In an inspiring event at Notts County Foundation, local school children gathered to participate in a vital collaborative workshop with Show Racism the Red Card. This event, will have had a lasting impression on the youngsters, and served as a testament to the importance of education on equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) at a young age.


  • Anti-Racism workshop
  • Hosted in Meadow Lane Sports Bar
  • Pictures pitch side at Meadow Lane
Show Racism the Red Card at Meadow Lane


Notts County Foundation’s event aimed to instil the values of respect and inclusion in the hearts and minds of the next generation. Attended by eager young minds, the workshop brought forth a crucial message: that racism has no place in our society, and that we must all work together to combat it.

What made this event truly exceptional was the presence and support of Notts County women’s team players, who joined the children in their pursuit of understanding and addressing the issues of racism and discrimination. The players, who serve as role models both on and off the field, were a powerful testament to the commitment and unity of this club in fighting racism.

Notts County Women’s Philipa Davies and Mollie Crump supported the workshop.

After a thought-provoking and engaging workshop, the children had the unique opportunity to have their pictures taken in the dugout at Meadow Lane. As they stood pitch side, taking in the atmosphere and history of the stadium, they were left with an inspiring feeling that they hold the power to change lives in the future, shaping a better society free from racism and discrimination.

Deputy Sport and Inclusion Manager Jade Shuriah, a driving force behind Notts County Foundation’s EDI initiatives, emphasised the importance of events like these, saying, “Education is vital to make change when it comes to issues of racism and inequality. Show Racism the Red Card events are a key part of our mission to empower young minds with the knowledge and understanding needed to confront racism and promote inclusivity. The earlier we start, the more impact we can have.”


Hawthorne Primary School, one of the schools in attendance in the dugout with the players.

The Foundation’s commitment to tackling racism and promoting EDI at a grassroots level is clear, as shown by their consistent support for refugees and asylum seekers in our city. By engaging with local schools and bringing together the community, they not only show support for marginalised communities but also demonstrate that football is a powerful platform for social change.

As the children left Meadow Lane that day, their hearts and minds were undoubtedly filled with hope and inspiration. The lessons learned during the event will undoubtedly stay with them for years to come, reminding them that they have the power to be the change they want to see in the world.


Eager children wanting to learn during the workshop.

Notts County Foundation’s long partnership with Show Racism the Red Card is important to us, as it reflects the change in society to be more invested in learning and creating a better world. For more information on their mission, click here.

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