Official Partner Charity for Run For All Nottingham 10K

In an exciting collaboration that emphasises community engagement and the power of sport, Notts County Foundation has been named an Official Partner Charity for the upcoming Nottingham 10K with Jane Tomlinson’s Run For All on Sunday 10th March 2024.


  • Official Partner Charity for Nottingham 10K
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  • Health Manager Josh Stevenson participating in the run
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This partnership marks a significant step forward in the Foundation’s mission to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals and communities through the universal language of running. The Foundation’s involvement in this event not only aligns with its dedication to health and fitness but also underscores its commitment to supporting local initiatives.

Harry Dalzell, Marketing and Communications Coordinator at Notts County Foundation, expressed his enthusiasm for this meaningful partnership. “We are thrilled to be an official partner charity for the Nottingham 10K. It’s an exciting opportunity to connect with participants, supporters, and the wider community, fostering a sense of unity through the joy of exercise.”

The involvement of Notts County Foundation’s Josh Stevenson in the event adds a personal touch to the partnership. The Health Manager, whose role revolves around promoting physical and mental wellbeing within the community, will be actively participating in the race. This not only showcases the Foundation’s dedication to leading by example but also highlights the importance of exercise as a cornerstone for community.

Josh Stevenson shared his enthusiasm about the partnership and his upcoming challenge: “I am incredibly excited about the opportunity to be a part of Jane Tomlinson’s Run For All Nottingham 10K as a representative of Notts County Foundation. It’s not just about running; it’s about uniting our community for a common goal and putting my mind to a challenge.”


Previous Run For All events have been a smash!


As the Official Partner Charity, Notts County Foundation aims to leverage this platform to raise awareness and funds for its various community projects. The Foundation has a long-standing commitment to using the power of football and sport to inspire positive change, and the Nottingham 10K provides an excellent opportunity to bring this mission to a broader audience.

The collaborative spirit between Notts County Foundation and Run For All exemplifies the profound impact that organisations can have when they come together for a shared cause. By encouraging physical activity, promoting community wellbeing, and actively participating in events like the Nottingham 10K, Notts County Foundation continues to be a beacon of positive change in the local community.

To participate in the run, and raise money for Notts County Foundation, contact us to get free entry!

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