Notts County Foundation team up with Nottingham College students to combat homelessness

Notts County Foundation teamed up with Nottingham College to host a fundraising event that not only raised awareness but also crucial funds for Framework, an organisation dedicated to combatting the issue of homelessness in the city.

The event, named the ‘Big Student Sleepout’, took place at Notts County Foundation’s Community Leisure Hub, The Portland Centre, and saw students from Nottingham College come together in solidarity to spend a night on the sports hall floor in support of a great cause.

Prior to the sleepout, the students went above and beyond in their efforts to fundraise for Framework, demonstrating an admirable commitment to making a positive difference in their community. The Foundation also called upon the passionate supporters of Notts County Football Club to contribute to the cause by encouraging fans to ‘Bring a Pound to the Ground’ at the preceding fixture against Salford City. Fans wholeheartedly responded to the call, generously donating to the cause, demonstrating that football truly has the power to unite people for a greater purpose.

The culmination of these efforts resulted in a significant sum of £426 being raised for Framework. This financial contribution will undoubtedly play a crucial role in providing essential support and assistance to those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in Nottingham and its surrounding areas.

Goodie bags for the students to get them through the night!

Deputy Sport and Inclusion Manager, Jade Shuriah, expressed her immense pride in being able to host an event of such significance. She praised the students for their remarkable fundraising efforts, acknowledging the dedication and compassion they exhibited throughout the campaign. In her own words, “It’s truly inspiring to see our students come together for such a worthy cause. Their commitment to making a difference is commendable, and I am incredibly proud of what they have achieved.”

The solidarity displayed by the students and the community at large during the Big Student Sleepout serves as a poignant reminder of the power of collective action in addressing pressing social issues. It is a testament to the fact that when organisations join forces with a shared purpose, meaningful change can be achieved.

The success of this event not only benefits those directly impacted by homelessness but also fosters a sense of unity and empathy within the community, strengthening the bonds that hold us together. In addition to the invaluable financial support raised for Framework, the event also served as a platform for raising awareness and sparking important conversations about homelessness and the systemic issues that contribute to it. By shining a spotlight on this issue and offering support, Notts County Foundation and Nottingham College are playing a vital role in advocating for positive change and working towards a more inclusive and compassionate society.

Local street food vendor Working Man’s Kitchen brought the food on the night!

As the Big Student Sleepout comes to a close, it will be remembered as a fantastic fundraising event by two of Nottingham’s most well-known institutions that illuminated the path towards a brighter future for all.

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