Notts County Foundation Breaks Boundaries with Inaugural Open Iftar Event

In a historic move marking a significant milestone in the 161-year history Notts County Football Club, Notts County Foundation, in collaboration with Muslim Hands, orchestrated an Open Iftar event at Meadow Lane, ushering in the spirit of Ramadan like never before. This groundbreaking event not only celebrated diversity and unity but also underscored the club’s commitment to inclusivity and community engagement.

As the sun began to set, marking the breaking of the fast, Meadow Lane transformed into a vibrant hub of cultural exchange and marked the background for the Call to Prayer. The inaugural Open Iftar event welcomed guests from all walks of life, transcending boundaries of race, religion, and background. It was a testament to the power of sport in fostering harmony and understanding within communities.

Reflecting on this momentous occasion, Sam Crawford, Chief Financial Officer at Notts County Foundation, expressed profound gratitude and excitement. “Hosting the Open Iftar at Meadow Lane is a significant milestone for us. It signifies our unwavering commitment to creating an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome and valued. This event will begin to build the bridges understanding and respect.

“This is just the beginning of a journey towards a more inclusive future in Nottingham. By working together, we can create a world where everyone feels valued and respected, regardless of their background or beliefs.”

The Open Iftar event was more than just a culinary experience; it was a celebration of community spirit and solidarity. Guests were treated to a sumptuous array of delicacies, courtesy of The Open Kitchen, a local initiative founded by Muslim Hands.

Harry Dalzell, Marketing and Events Coordinator, echoed Sam’s remarks, emphasising the transformative potential of such initiatives. “Today marks a historic moment in the rich history of Notts County. Our partnership with Muslim Hands to host this Open Iftar reflects our shared values of compassion, unity, and solidarity. By opening our doors to the community, we are not only celebrating diversity but also nurturing a sense of belonging and togetherness.”

Adding to the significance of the occasion, Notts County Foundation presented a signed 23/24 shirt to The Open Kitchen as a token of appreciation for their invaluable contribution to the community. This gesture underscored the club’s commitment to supporting local initiatives that make a tangible difference in people’s lives.

Among the distinguished guests in attendance was the Lord Mayor of Nottingham, Carole McCulloch, whose presence highlighted the importance of community cohesion and mutual respect. Her words of encouragement and support resonated deeply with everyone present, reaffirming the collective commitment to building a more inclusive society.

Looking ahead, Notts County Foundation is determined to build on the success of this inaugural event, with plans to host more inclusive initiatives that bring communities together. Events like the Open Iftar serve as a reminder of the importance of empathy, understanding, and collaboration.

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