Notts County Announces Charlie Roach as Winner of Premier League’s Community Captain Award

Notts County Foundation proudly announces Charlie Roach, Fan Engagement Assistant at Notts County Football Club, as the recipient of the prestigious Community Captain Award, a part of the Premier League’s More Than A Game campaign.

We presented Charlie with his award at HT on Tuesday evening.

This recognition underscores Roach’s exceptional dedication and impactful contributions to the community through his role at Notts County. The Premier League’s More Than A Game campaign highlights the extensive investment into football at all levels, showcasing how clubs like Notts County are actively engaging and making a positive difference in their local communities. With funding provided by the Premier League Charitable Fund (PLCF), clubs across various leagues, including the Premier League, EFL, and National League, are empowered to deliver impactful community programs.

Roach’s commitment to community engagement has been exemplary throughout the year. As part of his role with the Notts County Foundation, he has been instrumental in facilitating player visits to community sports sessions, organising giveaways, and providing day-to-day support. His efforts have strengthened the integration between the club and the Foundation, fostering a more connected and supportive community environment.

Permanent joker Tobi-Adebayo Rowling was on hand yet again!

One notable initiative supported by Roach was his pivotal role in getting player access for the Raise the Roof raffle, which successfully raised over £1600 for the Foundation’s Community Leisure Hub, The Portland Centre. His dedication and passion for serving the community have truly made a difference, embodying the spirit of the More Than A Game campaign.

Sam Crawford, Chief Financial Officer of Notts County Foundation, expressed his delight in presenting Roach with the Community Captain Award, stating, “We are thrilled to recognise Charlie for his outstanding contributions to our community. His unwavering commitment and tireless efforts have had a profound impact, bringing our club and community closer together than ever before. Charlie truly exemplifies the values of the More Than A Game campaign, and we couldn’t be prouder to have him as our award recipient.”

“We are immensely proud of Charlie. His dedication and passion for serving our community epitomise the values here at Notts County. His hard work and effort have not only strengthened our bond with fans but have also made a tangible impact on the lives of those in our community. It’s great to see Charlie being recognised with the Premier League’s Community Captain Award and is a testament to his commitment to making a positive difference.” – Joe Palmer, Chief Executive Officer, Notts County Football Club

Charlie Roach’s dedication to serving the community through football exemplifies the ethos of the More Than A Game campaign, showcasing how football clubs can make a meaningful difference beyond the pitch.

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