New signing Alassana Jatta visits The Open Kitchen with the Foundation

Notts County Foundation recently visited The Open Kitchen on Mansfield Road to mark the launch of their partnership with renowned international aid organisation, Muslim Hands. This collaboration not only aimed to distribute food to those in need but also fostered meaningful connections with the service users.

Accompanying the Notts County Foundation team was the newly signed Notts County star, Alassana Jatta, who has quickly captured the hearts of fans with his impressive performance on the field with three goals in his first two games. Jatta’s presence at The Open Kitchen added a special touch to the event, as the team from Muslim Hands were excited for him to be on board. What makes his involvement even more significant is the fact that he is observing Ramadan during the football season, so he can relate to the staff and service users. Despite his busy schedule, Jatta took the time to engage with the community and proved himself to be a natural. He got immediately involved with handing the food out and talking with everyone in attendance, which reinforced the sense of inclusivity and warmth to the Gambian.

Sam Crawford, Chief Financial Officer of the Notts County Foundation, expressed immense pride in the success of the partnership, stating, “We are delighted to join Muslim Hands and extend our support to The Open Kitchen. This partnership reflects our commitment to serving the wider communities of Nottingham. Our goal is not only to engage with these communities, but to build enduring relationships that make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.”

The Open Kitchen, a project initiated by Muslim Hands, serves as an oasis for many in the Nottingham community who need support. By collaborating with Notts County Foundation, they aim to amplify their impact and reach even more individuals in need. Together, they embody the spirit of unity, aim to break down barriers and bring people together.

As the partnership between Notts County Foundation and Muslim Hands continues to flourish, their combined efforts promise to create a future where Notts County will represent the diverse community that we have in Nottingham and events like Alassana Jatta at The Open Kitchen are a big step in creating this.

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