Notts County Foundation and 200 Degrees team up in support of Brew Monday

Notts County Foundation is delighted to have today (Monday 17 January) teamed up with 200 Degrees in support of Samaritans’ Brew Monday campaign.

Notts County Foundation and 200 Degrees have joined forces to raise awareness around the importance of people talking about their thoughts, feelings, and mental health, and making the time to catch up with friends, family, and colleagues.

Lucy Devine, Mental Health Officer at Notts County Foundation, said: “Taking the first steps towards having a conversation about our mental wellbeing can be difficult. Often, we might not know what to say, how to say it or even where to start. There is no perfect moment or setting, but more often than not, we don’t always recognise and appreciate the benefits of stopping to have a chat over a cup of coffee, or the difference that checking in with someone can make.

“Speaking up about our thoughts and feelings and connecting with others are key to promoting positive mental wellbeing. I always imagine a bottle of fizzy pop and how the pressures of everyday life can shake up the bottle. If we leave it to build up and open it all at once, then we all know what happens. Slowly releasing that bottle cap and letting some of the pressure go by talking to others can really help to avoid getting to the point where things feel too overwhelming.”

The third Monday in January is often referred to as ‘the most difficult day of the year’, culminating as a result of post-Christmas blues, colder weather, darker nights, and a shortage of disposal income for many. The Brew Monday initiative aims to encourage people to reach out and connect friends, family, and colleagues to chat about how they’re really feeling.

Lizzy Kirk, Social Media and Community Manager at 200 Degrees, said: “The Brew Monday campaign is a great incentive. There is still so much stigma around mental health, and the thought of talking about your mental health can seem scary. Still, if more people have these conversations and normalise talking about our feelings, these stigmas and barriers can be broken down. Having a coffee and natter in a natural setting is the perfect time to check in with each other. The more we talk, the more we will realise we’re not alone.”

For more information about Brew Monday, please click here. If you’re struggling with your mental health and need some additional support, please contact Samaritans on 116 123.

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