Notts County Foundation Honours Oscar and Kayleigh with Captain’s Corner Award for February

In a heart warming gesture of support and recognition, Notts County Foundation has named Oscar and his mother Kayleigh as the recipients of the Captain’s Corner Award for February 2024. This commendation comes at a pivotal moment for the family, who have been grappling with significant challenges, including Oscar’s experience with bullying at school and Kayleigh’s recent diagnosis of Leukaemia. Despite facing adversity, their resilience and strength have not gone unnoticed, prompting the Foundation to extend a gesture of solidarity and appreciation.

Oscar and Kayleigh’s journey has been marked by trials and tribulations, yet they have remained steadfast in their determination to overcome obstacles together and support their favourite team. Oscar, a young boy with a bright spirit, has faced the cruelty of bullying at school, an experience that no child should endure. His mother, Kayleigh, has been a pillar of strength, navigating the complexities of parenthood while confronting her own health battle against Leukaemia. Despite the weight of their circumstances, their bond as a family has remained unbreakable, serving as an inspiration to all who know their story.

This recognition not only celebrates their resilience in the face of adversity but also serves as a beacon of hope for others who may be navigating similar challenges. Through this award, the Foundation seeks to uplift and empower individuals and families within the community, fostering a sense of belonging and support during times of hardship.



Expressing the Foundation’s delight at giving this award to Oscar and Kayleigh, Marketing and Events Coordinator Harry Dalzell shared his sentiments, stating, “We are thrilled to present Oscar and Kayleigh with the Captain’s Corner Award for February 2024. Their story is a testament to the strength of our community and fanbase when we support each other. The Mother-Son duo have demonstrated courage and unwavering determination throughout this tough time they have been having. It is a privilege to recognise their journey and offer our support during this challenging time.”

Oscar and Kayleigh’s journey serves as a poignant reminder of the resilience that resides within our community. Their unwavering spirit in the face of struggle is a testament to the power of community support. As they navigate through life’s challenges, the recognition given to them by Notts County Foundation will represent the wider support we give to the community.

If you know someone who would be deserving of some extra recognition by being named a winner of our Captain’s Corner Award, contact to nominate.

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