Notts County Embraces Inclusivity: Local Children given once-in-a-lifetime experience

As part of Level Playing Field’s Unite For Access campaign, the club opened its doors to local children with additional needs at half-time of the fixture against AFC Wimbledon, providing them with a unique opportunity to take to the pitch and play a small game. This initiative not only showcases the power of sport in bringing people together but also underscores Notts County’s commitment to accessibility and inclusion.

The atmosphere at Meadow Lane was filled with excitement as children from the local community, along with their families, gathered to participate in this unforgettable experience. Notts County, in collaboration with Level Playing Field, organized the experience to promote awareness and understanding of the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities.

As the halftime whistle blew, the spotlight shifted to the real stars of the day – the children with additional needs who were given the chance to showcase their skills on the hallowed turf of Meadow Lane. Each child took their moment in the spotlight, dribbling the ball, passing to teammates, and scoring goals, all while radiating joy and enthusiasm.

The Unite For Access campaign, spearheaded by Level Playing Field, aims to create a more inclusive environment within sports venues for people with disabilities. By partnering with Notts County for this special event, the campaign sends a powerful message of acceptance and unity. It demonstrates that regardless of challenges, everyone deserves the opportunity to participate in and enjoy the beautiful game.

“Experiences like these are more than just moments on the pitch; they’re opportunities for our community to come together, celebrate diversity, and showcase the incredible abilities of every individual. Through initiatives like the Unite For Access campaign, we are opening doors and breaking down barriers to build a more inclusive future for all Football fans.” – Jade Shuriah, Deputy Sport and Inclusion Manager at Notts County Foundation.


The success of this initiative would not have been possible without the support of our Premier League Community Captain Charlie Roach who spearheaded the coordination of this experience. Through actions like these, Notts County continues to strengthen its bond with the community and reinforce its position as a club that values inclusivity and diversity.

The recent experience at Meadow Lane exemplifies the power of sport in fostering inclusivity and unity. Through its partnership with Level Playing Field’s Unite For Access campaign, Notts County has once again demonstrated its dedication to creating a welcoming and accessible environment for all.

For more information on Level Playing Field’s campaign, click here.

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